Feather Blending is a process used to repair color and texture sidematch in carpet. Using the same dyes used in manufacturing (geared for onsite dyeing) we match the appearance at the seam and gradually "feather" out the variation. This is a permanent and effective method of correct sidematch variations.


Fuzzing along the edge of carpet tiles occurs commonly in loop or cut and loop carpet tiles. The stamping process cuts through the loops, leaving a cut yarn to fray and fuzz right along the tile edge. This fuzzing often goes unnoticed until several weeks after installation when regular use and vacuuming lift the cut yarn up from between the tiles. This problem can be repaired permanently with trimming.


When shearing problems such as chatter marks and shearing sidematch occur the most effective means of repair is a  portable micro shear. This machine allows our technicians to adjust the variations in shearing gradually to achieve a good uniform appearance.


Roll crush is a common but temporary problem usually caused by the stacking of several carpet rolls on top of one another during shipping or in storage. While most roll crush will come out with a little time and use, we are able to accelerate the process by steaming/ grooming the product or wet pile lifting with a counter rotating brush (CRB) pile lifter.


Don't know how that spot got there and can't get it out? We've got your spot and stain solutions. From bleach spots to pet damage we have a solution for almost any spot in your carpet.


It's hard to find a good quality installer in the flooring industry today. If you're unhappy with the quality of your installation let our technicians take a look. We are equipped to take care of almost any installation error.


One of the biggest problems plaguing the industry today is damage from excess moisture in the slab. Before you install that expensive new floor get your Rh or Calcium Chloride tests done.


Sometimes you just need an answer. For over 30 years we have been providing those answers to flooring manufacturers, dealers and individual consumers. We maintain certifications for both soft and hard surface flooring and are available for either residential or commercial claims.


Need an answer yesterday? Located way out in the sticks? Well there's no better or more affordable way to address your concerns than a quick virtual claim evaluation.
Using readily available video call applications like Skype and Facetime we can help you identify your problem remotely.

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